VID-DA anti-aging night cream


$29.78 $35.93 TAX excl.

With red berry extract and drago blood

It contains extracts with a high antioxidant capacity that delay the signs of aging and help to recover skin damaged by lack of nutrients.

Contains an extract of red berries with firming action.

Vitamin a or retinol. Of natural extracts that diminishes wrinkles, expression lines. Provides a uniform tone.

Vitamin B provides protection, restoration and hydration.

Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant, prevents damage to the DNA of cells exposed to free radicals and solar radiation. Fights aging, increases collagen synthesis.

Contains provitamin, minerals, phosphorous, sodium, copper, iron, potassium, zinc, nickel, selenium, magnesium, has collagen restructuring action, controls fat black spots.

Stimulates circulation and stimulates cell oxygenation.

With regenerating and anti-aging palmarosa and geraneo essential oils.

Exclusive at night

Contains photosencible assets.

After applying the astringent lotion, take a little product and apply it with clean hands on the clean face, using upward movements, gently massaging the face.

Avoid the eye contour area since this skin is very delicate and the use of essential oils in this area is not indicated.

Recommendations for a better life and effectiveness of the product.

Remember that natural and organic cosmetics do not use synthetic preservatives and therefore the care of the product for a better result is necessary.

Keep it in a cool place, avoid high temperatures (inside the car, near heaters, near the stove or fireplaces), or places with too much humidity (bathroom), close the container well after use, store where not from light Direct since the active ingredients can be damaged, do not expose to the sun, keep away from the toilet.

Ideally, keep it tightly closed in your refrigerator.

If you are allergic to any of the components of the formula, avoid its use.