Deodorant in cream sandalwood and roses


$8.73 $10.73 TAX excl.

With shea butter, cocoa, coconut, rose extract and sandalwood and roses.

Ideal for the care of delicate skin.

Excellent deodorant that inhibits bad odor, allowing the natural sweating of your body, preventing inflammation of the lymphatic system, free of aluminum and toxics that cause serious damage to health. It leaves a delicate aroma of sandalwood and roses derived from essential oils that act as protectors and antifungals, protects against skin infections, with a relaxing effect.

Uses apply to the clean area of the armpits or feet.

Remember that natural and organic cosmetics do not use synthetic preservatives and therefore the care of the product for a better result is necessary.

Keep it in a cool place, avoid high temperatures (inside the car, near heaters, near the stove or fireplaces), or places with too much humidity (bathroom), close the container well after use, store where not from light Direct since the active ingredients can be damaged, do not expose to the sun, keep away from the toilet.

The ideal is to keep it in your wardrobe.

If by exposure to heat the product melts, you can mix a little to integrate well and put in the refrigerator to re-solidify.

If you are allergic to any of the components of the formula, avoid its use.