Biphasic roses and oatmeal makeup remover


$11.03 $15.32 TAX excl.

Provides a deep cleansing without irritating or drying out the skin.

Con extractos de rosa, contiene vitamina C, antioxidantes, un poderoso efecto para combatir la radiación solar, con emolientes reparadores para limpiar tu piel sin maltratarla.

Shake lightly and wet a cotton pad with the product. Gently clean with upward strokes, you can repeat as many times as necessary to remove all dirt and makeup, gently clean the eye area, prevent the product from entering the eyes.

Recommendations for a better life and effectiveness of the product.

Remember that natural and organic cosmetics do not use synthetic preservatives and therefore the care of the product for a better result is necessary.

Keep it in a cool place, avoid high temperatures (inside the car, near heaters, near the stove or fireplaces), or places with too much humidity (bathroom), close the container well after use, store where not from light Direct since the active ingredients can be damaged, do not expose to the sun, keep away from the toilet.

You can have it in a toiletry bag in your room or inside your bureau or wardrobe as long as the weather is not hot as in the hottest seasons.

If you are allergic to any of the components of the formula, avoid its use.