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Information on natural cosmetics

For all those who are passionate about or are beginning to know about natural cosmetics, it is important to consider this information.

A little history

Natural cosmetics have been used since ancient times as in Egypt, both women and men used natural extract paints to paint their eyes and faces, for them beauty was a very important part of this life and life after death.
There is evidence that they used cosmetics for 3,500 years B.C.

There were already formulas of creams against aging of the skin based on plants, incense, wax, moringa oil and cypress.

The Greeks with the professional kosmetes dedicated to the beauty of the body, were of utmost importance in baths and massages.

The Romans used essential oils in medicine, massages, perfumes, and rituals. They used beeswax, olive oil, rose water.

In recent years, natural cosmetics has grown due to a A more conscious market that wants to take care of its beauty without sacrificing its health, for this reason they prefer to buy products free of toxic and synthetic chemicals, such as mineral oils, parabens, propylene glycol and synthetic extracts, aluminum, synthetic colors, phenoxyethanol, oil derived from petroleum (mineral oil), ethoxylated emulsifiers, ptalates, silicones, synthetic softeners, etc. and prefer those created with natural chemicals.

Natural cosmetics includes all products made with ingredients of natural origin:

  • Vegetables: Assets extracted from plants, floral waters, extracts. Vegetable oils such as almonds, olive, soy, jojoba, sunflower, coconut and butter such as shea, cocoa, kokum etc ...
  • Animals: Beeswax, lanonina.
  • Minerals: Clays, zinc oxide, iron oxide, activated carbon ...
  • Semi-natural: such as glycerin, hydrolyzed proteins, etc.

Its production methods are allowed and its ingredients do not come from genetically modified organisms. (omg).

They are responsible with the environment.

They are not tested on animals.

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