elementos de cosmetica natural

Care you must have with natural facial creams

The uses and description of each product are specified on the label, however, as an important point and as a precaution, always carry out a test on your forearm.

In a clean area apply a little of the product you want to use and wait for the next day, if you have any reaction it is better not to use it.

For what reason can a natural product cause a reaction?

You may have an allergy to any natural ingredient, such as aloe, rosemary, echinacea, calendula etc. And don't know, it's always better to check.

Some cares that you should consider our products are natural :

Never expose them to the sun or high temperatures, since their components are natural and both their texture and their active ingredients could be affected, as extracts and essential oils which are sensitive to sunlight and could lose their effectiveness.

It is preferably to keep your products such as facial lotions and facial and body creams in your refrigerator or in a cool place and where not in direct light and never in the bathroom or near a toilet since the load of bacteria and humidity is very high in those places.

Try to take the amount of product you need with your clean hands or a clean spoon.

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