Care you must have with natural facial creams

The uses and description of each product are specified on the label, however, as an important point and as a precaution, always carry out a test on your forearm.

In a clean area apply a little of the product you want to use and wait for the next day, if you have any reaction it is better not to …

Uses and tips for better care of my skin

For healthy and beautiful skin there are several factors, a good and healthy natural diet with abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.Drink enough water.

A good rest is also essential, since when we do not rest well the natural production of collagen decreases, which causes greater …

What ingredients can a natural facial cream contain?

A cream is made up of 3 facesAqueous phase. Infusions, aloes, hidrolatos.etc.

Oil phase. It can contain a series of ingredients all of plant origin (vegetable oils such as coconut, olive, almond, jojoba).

Additives. Vitamins, plant assets, essential oils, natural acids, etc.

Information on natural cosmetics

For all those who are passionate about or are beginning to know about natural cosmetics, it is important to consider this information.

A little history

Natural cosmetics have been used since ancient times as in Egypt, both women and men used natural extract paints to paint their eyes and faces, …