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About us

We are a socially and ecologically conscious company, we seek to offer high quality skin care products with natural ingredients and free of harmful toxins


Position ourselves in the mind and taste of our clients and possible market creating a better and greater awareness to society, that the best option for their health, personal care and beauty are our natural and organic products, friendly to our environment and benefits for your health.


Offer all the benefits that nature offers us, creating personal care, health and beauty products of excellent quality and competitiveness.

Offering a healthy and safe option for the world.

Our values


We seek our authenticity as a distinctive offering personal and unique formulas.
Always taking care of the highest purity of our products.
Implementing constant improvements in our product and service.


We provide the best of our talent, ingenuity, effort, preparation, discipline and taste for what we do, in order to transmit all the love we feel for nature and for our products so that customers perceive and enjoy it.


We are a company started by artisans of natural cosmetics, who value natural and human resources. Procuring a suitable harmony, atmosphere and balance.
That they cause constant improvement and respect, stimulating the creativity of our human resources that make this company a great little family.


All our clients must be important.
We will implement a product and service with which our clients with special capacities are also satisfied.
As we seek our resources, we will seek to improve our services to this important sector.


We seek the implementation of new ingredients, techniques and combinations in our still classic, but effective formulas.
As well as in the presentation of our products to awaken and maintain the interest of our clients.


We always seek constant improvement and innovation, taking care of the ingredients of our products to satisfy the needs of our customers.
And in this way, return credibility to the nature that contributes so much to us, seeking a more sustainable, friendly and respectful culture with the environment.


Create and sell products free of toxic chemicals, which damage health and skin, offering the benefits of nature.

Our Cause

The original yearning for PLANTARUM-MIX

The labor integration of one of the most bulnerable sectors, and that they have a lot of talent.

People with different abilities, such as the autism spectrum and other disabilities.

Plantarum-mix aims to open a labor field as it grows for all those people who want and can join, to this fascinating natural world.

Plantarum-mix is a socially responsible company, since we promote caring for the environment.

In our manufacturing processes we do not use chemicals that pollute the environment and also seeking the quality of our raw material so that we do not contribute to environmental degradation and protect your health.

And at the same time we aim to support people with special needs.


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